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Sozo Missions and Sozo Music are excited about the possibility of coming to your area! We are longtime partners with Youth for Christ and Team Xtreme. We have conducted many uplifting school assemblies, youth rallies, youth retreats, and hundreds of Christian outreach events in the past 15 years, and we are confident that our Sozo Missions and Music team will make a positive impact on your youth and community.

First, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this request and for all the awesome service that you do for the youth of this generation. You are making a difference in our youth’s lives and we want to stand with you in your quest to educate and empower students to become productive members of society.

The purpose of our tour is to ‘serve and win souls’. We are prayerfully believing God to open doors for our mission team to go serve in inner cities around the nation. Our hope is to partner with local churches and youth groups to do small mission projects like cleaning up trash, painting, serving food to the homeless, or whatever needs we can meet while we are visiting. We want to come demonstrate the love of Christ in this difficult time of the pandemic and racial protests in our nation.

We are also commemorating the retirement of veteran rapper Bishop Freeze who has served for 20 years doing youth outreach concerts and has put out over 20 albums. This tour will incorporate a Christian rap concert celebrating Bishop Freeze’s retirement featuring his last and final album “New Creation – From Death to Life”. This will be Bishop’s final music tour as a rapper. The concert will feature other stimulating Christian rappers – Man of Faith, and Genuine Life. This tour will be highly entertaining, but there will also be an encouraging message for the youth, challenging them to rise above the negativity in this world and in their lives and be leaders, peace makers, and cycle breakers. It will be something they will never forget.

Our “New Creation” tour brings stories of excellence and how to overcome the stress and challenges of today’s world. We talk to young people about the negative effects of using drugs and alcohol, social media, bullying, respecting authority, respecting others, the importance of staying in school, social justice, promoting love, peace and unity, and making right choices.

The tour is booking now for 2021, We are asking, if you would allow us, to present our “New Creation” "YOU MATTER" Missions Tour in your community, at any of your future events, your local church(es), juvenile detention center, or local schools. The missions project will be a two-hour event, as well as the concert. The concert events will be open to the public for students and their families to attend.

We are doing this tour out of our love and concern for the youth around our nation in this exceedingly difficult and sensitive time of the COVID-19 pandemic and racial inequality protests. Our team members will not receive any salaries from this tour; however, we would appreciate it if your organization could make a donation to help cover our costs while we are on the road. Please prayerfully consider our “New Creation” YOU MATTER  Missions Tour. Thank you!

Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification. – Romans 14:19

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! – 2 Corinthians 5:17

​For Booking- Ph: 253-831-2723 – Email: sozomanatee@yahoo.com