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Staff Support: Financial donations of any amount toward monthly support and single gifts for our staff are welcome and needed. Our paid staff members raise their own support.
​                                 For more info visit the staff & volunteers page.
Thank you for considering us in our efforts to bring God’s message of grace and love to urban youth here in East Bradenton. We use every means available to help spread this message - weekly youth groups (Sozo Youth Clubs), discipleship study groups, private counseling, youth conferences, video broadcasting, music production (Sozo Music), live concerts, Sozo Xtreme outreach events, our website and Facebook. Your spirit-led, cheerful giving would be very much appreciated.

You can give one of two ways. If you prefer to give online the best way to do so is through Paypal. The link is provided below. 

These tax-deductible donations may be made in your corporate name, personal name, or that of a friend or loved one. Financial donations of any amount toward the general fund or directed donations to any Sozo Mission are welcome.

You can also send a check in by mail. Please make the check or money order payable to
Sozo Missions
3124 17th St East
Bradenton, Fl 34208

Thank you again for your consideration to partner with us to bring “hope and love to urban youth” in the inner city of Bradenton.

Let each contribute what he has decided upon in his own mind, and not do it reluctantly or under compulsion. It is a cheerful giver that God loves. -2 Corinthians 9:7

          Youth Missions ...
we're not in it for the INCOME,
we're in it for the OUTCOME.
Give the gift of love through the Sozo Missions Support Funds